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An Amazon Truck Hit My Car: Who Do I Call, and What Are the Next Legal Steps?

Due to the booming popularity of online shopping, delivery vehicles are more common than ever before. As such, the number of delivery truck accidents has increased. Amazon is a giant of industry, and its drivers are increasingly likely to be involved in an accident.

Whether it is a bump to a parked vehicle when dropping off packages or a collision on the roads, Amazon delivery truck accidents leave victims with damages, expenses, and questions.

Who should people call if their vehicle is hit by an Amazon delivery truck driver, and how does the legal process work when filing a claim? The experts at Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys of Nashville have the answers. They can also consult on an average settlement for a car accident while pregnant TN.

Who to Call If a Car is Hit by an Amazon Delivery Truck?

Who to Call If a Car is Hit by an Amazon Delivery Truck?

Like any motor accident, the first number to call after being hit by an Amazon delivery vehicle is 911. It is essential to contact the police immediately after any accident so they can file a report (which comes in handy when making a compensation claim). If someone is injured, it is also vital to arrange medical emergency services at the accident scene.

Do Accident Victims Need to Call Amazon?

When an Amazon truck driver hits another vehicle, some people's first reaction is to call the company itself. While this should not be the first step, it is worth contacting Amazon to report the incident.

Bear in mind that the number is a general customer service line that connects to an automated service. It can take a while to get through the automatic responses and eventually reach a person to whom a victim can report an accident.

Always contact the police and seek medical attention where necessary before attempting to contact Amazon- but don't forget to inform the company and get the incident on file.

Who Else Should People Contact After an Amazon Delivery Truck Accident?

As well as the police, emergency services, and Amazon- those involved in incidents involving Amazon drivers should also inform their own insurance company about the accident.

It is also important to contact a personal injury attorney to begin putting together a claim as soon as possible. Always take the driver's insurance information and contact details at the accident scene for future use. It may be necessary to get in touch with them as the case proceeds. They're also able to assist with information on delayed chest pain after car accident.

How do Claims Against Amazon Delivery Drivers Work?

The initial process is the same as any car accident. The difference lies with how and by whom the driver is insured. Claiming compensation from a big corporation such as Amazon can be very difficult- even if the person has a valid claim- but it is not necessarily Amazon the person needs to face. Here is an overview of the step-by-step process and where it can differ between cases.

Report the Incident to the Police and Amazon, and Gather Evidence to Support the Claim

As advised, the first steps are the same- no matter what the situation is. Always contact the police immediately to file a report. Police reports are crucial evidence in car accident claims as they can help support the victim's version of events. Don't forget to seek medical treatment as soon as possible- this is also valuable evidence when it comes to the claim.

In an Amazon truck accident, it is also advisable to report the incident to the retailer. This is possible through the customer service line, but it must be filed with a human, not an automated service- so be patient while weaving through the questions and options. Reporting the accident with an Amazon customer service agent is vital to avoid denied claims. It can also help to point towards the correct insurance company for the claim.

Victims must also collect as much evidence as possible to support their case. This includes photos, witness statements, security footage, receipts, and medical records.

Find Out How the Driver is Contracted

This is where things can get complicated. Most Amazon delivery drivers are not actually employed by Amazon. Instead, the company mostly hires external contractors to handle the delivery service- leaving them free from liability in case of accidents.

It is important to establish how the Amazon delivery driver is contracted and who ensures them. Here are the likely outcomes.

Directly with Amazon

If, in a rare case, the Amazon driver is employed by the retail giant, the claim would be against Amazon. This means their insurance coverage is provided by Amazon exclusively, and the victim would claim directly against the company for damages.

While this may seem like the most straightforward option, it can bring problems. Large corporations avoid paying out any claims and have powerful legal teams at their disposal. It is vital to have trusted legal representation in this case.

Through an External Contractor

Amazon contracts many drivers through other delivery service companies. If the driver in question is working for someone else, their employer is usually liable. Most delivery companies have full liability insurance to cover their vehicles.

Independent Contractors

Some drivers work for themselves. They are solely responsible for their own insurance coverage, and any claim against them would be on an individual basis.

Unfortunately, many self-employed drivers take out only the minimum liability insurance coverage, so it may not be sufficient to cover the whole claim if there is extensive property damage or severe injuries sustained.

In this case, the victim may have to turn to their own insurance company to cover the deficit. All drivers should have coverage that can pay for medical bills and repairs or replacement vehicles.

Amazon Flex Drivers

The Amazon Flex driver program is a system where drivers have the primary responsibility to carry their own insurance, but Amazon covers anything above and beyond their policy limit.

A driver's own commercial auto insurance policy pays out first, and then when the coverage is at its limit, Amazon Flex insurance steps in. This means victims do not have to use their own insurance to cover expenses.

File a Claim with the Relevant Insurance Company

Once the correct insurance coverage is identified, the next step is to file a claim and seek a settlement. These cases can be complex, so it is imperative to work with an expert car accident lawyer in Nashville TN who specializes in motor vehicle claims.

Schuerger Schunnarah Trial Attorneys Go to War for Nash Accident Victims

Schuerger Schunnarah Trial Attorneys Go to War for Nash Accident Victims

Arrange a free consultation today with the elite legal minds at Schuerger Schunnarah Trial Attorneys of Nashville. With years of experience fighting for victims in car accidents and commercial vehicle accidents, this team is dedicated and efficient in seeking maximum compensation settlements.

They go to war to win fair compensation and justice for anyone hit by Amazon delivery trucks- no matter the circumstances or challenges ahead.


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