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What's the Average Settlement for a Car Accident Case in Tennessee?

Car accidents are more common than many may think. Getting involved in one often leads to certain damages, injuries, and more. Victims must also try to get fair compensation to make up for losses, which can be rigorous.

The typical car accident settlement ranges in its overall value. It depends on the severity of the car crash and the resulting destruction, including the non-economic damages.

Speaking with an experienced attorney can help victims uncover the expected compensation for their car accident case.

Continue reading to learn more about how this value is determined and when victims should contact a Nashville vehicle accident lawyer.

How to Determine the Average Car Accident Settlement Amount

How to Determine the Average Car Accident Settlement Amount

Tennessee law has a designated process immediately following a car accident. First, a victim must file a claim, which then leads to an investigation. Upon determining the total damages and who is at fault, the two parties involved can start negotiating.

Usually, the insurance company of the at-fault driver provides an offer. The car accident victim can accept or continue to negotiate based on what they believe is a fair settlement.

A final settlement offer should cover all the expenses required to recuperate from the accident. However, settlement amounts can end up being between two and five times more than the baseline expense.

Speaking with a trusted Tennessee lawyer can help victims get the best compensation for their situations.

Several factors play into the average settlement amount, such as the following:

Vehicle Damage

The baseline expenses for a typical car accident settlement include property damage, as car repairs are almost always necessary following a crash.

Lost Wages

Settlement amounts also include lost income as a result of the crash. If any personal injuries led to a victim missing work, then the at-fault party's insurance company must compensate for the lost money earned.

Medical Bills

Unfortunately, a car accident can lead to personal injury. A victim may have to seek help from a medical professional. As such, the insurance carrier should cover these costs, as well as any future medical expenses that relate to the injuries caused by the crash.

Pain and Suffering

Personal injury can mean more than just physical damage. Mental anguish and emotional distress can be included in the settlement offer. Though injury victims have a more challenging time proving these non-economic damages, a lawyer can strengthen their case for improved chances for success.


If the accident caused permanent bodily damages, the settlement amounts should cover any expenses regarding the disability.

Punitive Damages

The final settlement offer can total more than the true value of the accident. This can include punitive damages.

While this is a rare occurrence, it directs a stricter punishment on the at-fault party and can lead to a more significant claim. The cap for punitive damages in Tennessee is no more than twice the amount of the total amount of economic damages.

How Much to Expect in a Car Accident Settlement

Most often, a car accident settlement covers three times the total cost of damages. To calculate this amount, consider the value of the medical expenses plus the required car repairs. Then, add this total cost to the time in which wages were lost.

Generally, it is difficult determining the final value of a settlement of car accident cases, as each scenario is unique. However, the parties involved can predict the settlement by estimating certain values.

When Victims Must File a Car Accident Lawsuit

Victims of a car accident must file a lawsuit within one year after crashes if they include personal injury cases. Likewise, victims must file a suit within three years for cases involving property damage.

When car accident victims receive their compensation depends on the insurance company. It often takes between a few weeks to one year.

Additionally, the settlement process usually ends after the victim completes their medical treatment because it gives a better idea of the medical bills.

However, the settlement offer can also include paying for medical expenses in the future, so it depends on the situation.

It is important to note that some companies may try to challenge who is at fault to avoid paying the cost. There can also be a lot of negotiating. While insurance providers have experienced negotiators, car accident victims should have a lawyer on their side to have better support.

How to Be Prepared for a Lawsuit After an Accident

A typical car accident settlement amounts to the value of the damages plus a little more. However, the final value can fluctuate based on the evidence presented.

Car accident victims should document everything after getting involved in a crash. They must take photos of the scene and gather the insurance and contact information of all other drivers involved.

Then, even if there are no noticeable injuries from the accident, victims should see a doctor for a check-up. Any resulting impairments would be covered in the settlement.

If an at-fault driver does not have car insurance, then the victim's insurance should cover it. This could be outside of the insurance policy limits, so it is important to be prepared with this type of coverage.

Why Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer?

Why Contact an Experienced Personal Injury Lawyer?

Any injuries or damages sustained in a car accident should be covered for people who are not responsible. Despite this, some insurance companies or negotiators can make it more difficult to receive fair compensation, as they do not want to pay. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can consult on like such as, "Is Tennessee a no fault state for car accidents?"

Having a trusted Tennessee lawyer to assist can help victims understand their case while improving their chances of reaching a more justified compensation amount. They can also help determine the probability of winning before delving into further legal procedures and answer questions like, "How long do most personal injury cases take?"

Contact Us - We Go to War for You!

Victims must consider all the factors of a car accident when filing a suit, which can put them in over their heads. The experienced lawyers at Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys understand all legal complexities, so what all clients must do is provide evidence for their cases.

Call us for assistance with a Tennessee personal injury case or property damage lawsuit. We go to war for you!


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