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What Is the Average Settlement for Shoulder Injury Car Accident Cases?

When someone hurts their shoulder blade or other parts of their upper arm after a car accident, medical bills might start piling up. The negligent party should pay for what they did, so victims must file a claim and try to get a settlement. This article explains what they must know on the matter.

Being in a Car Accident Can Be Devastating

Being in a Car Accident Can Be Devastating

Someone goes out of their house to do something - maybe they wanted to go shopping, needed groceries, or were unwinding while taking a walk.

In many cases, these seemingly simple and innocent actions end up in the person suffering from serious injuries. Sometimes, it's because of someone else's negligent behaviors.

A car accident can completely change someone's day and life because they'll need medical attention to heal from the injuries they sustained.

On some occasions, car accidents are so severe that the injuries the person sustains are long-lasting, causing them to miss their job or school.

Unfortunately, car accidents happen every day. Drivers must be responsible and abide by laws when they're behind the wheel, but they don't always do that.

Dealing with the consequences of a car accident might be challenging, but a way to do it is to file a lawsuit against the negligent party. If the victim wins, they'll be able to recover compensation for what they went through.

A financial settlement may not be enough to compensate for the victim's pain and suffering, but it's a start. At the same time, it allows them to have peace of mind knowing that the negligent party paid for their reckless and careless actions. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorney has more information on questions like, "Is Tennessee a no fault state for car accidents?"

Shoulder Injuries Can Hinder Someone's Life

Nowadays, shoulder injury claims are frequent, especially among cyclists. As many people want to go green and prefer discarding motor vehicles, the risk of being the victim of reckless drivers increases, and so does the severity of the injuries they might suffer.

In other words, numerous cyclists are in car accidents, and they often end up filing them as shoulder injury cases.

Cyclists are not as safe as people inside cars, and when someone collides with them, they might cause a rotator cuff injury, broken bones, inflamed muscles, and more. These are the most common shoulder injuries, but numerous issues can happen, particularly because that part of their bodies is out in the open.

The person might often need physical therapy to handle their shoulder pain. Sometimes, the injuries are so severe that victims may not know if they'll be able to return to normal.

Although cyclists can be at a higher risk due to the lack of protection, other car accident victims can suffer from severe injuries too. Sometimes, they may even need immediate shoulder surgery.

Overall, a shoulder injury caused by a car accident is an unpleasant and unfair situation, particularly if the other person was negligent. Therefore, proving that they were acting recklessly is essential.

Shoulder Pain Can Prevent the Person from Engaging in Their Regular Activities

The worst part of experiencing shoulder injuries, for example, a rotator cuff tear, is that the person might be unable to engage in their usual activities.

If they do manual labor, they may not be able to return to work until they are completely back to normal. However, recovery might last anything from weeks to months.

Artists, musicians, and athletes may suffer a lot if they have shoulder injuries since they might miss out on competitions and performances.

Overall, a shoulder injury such as an upper arm bone dislocation, torn rotator cuff, or broken bones can hinder a person's life. Consequently, it may cause them emotional pain or distress too.

What People Must Do If They're in a Car Accident

Shoulder injuries can be shocking and paralyzing, especially at the scene of the accident. Therefore, the person must understand what they should do if they're in this situation. Here are the steps to go through:

Call an Ambulance

Firstly, they must call an ambulance, especially if they're experiencing intense shoulder pain. They may not be able to move, and they shouldn't try it because their injuries might worsen.

Other steps, such as calling the police and gathering evidence, are also essential. However, safety comes first, so people must call healthcare professionals right after a car accident.

Once paramedics arrive at the scene, they might immobilize the person or tell them they need surgical intervention.

Depending on the injuries the person sustained, treatment costs might rise, especially if they suffered from less common shoulder injuries. Even so, their well-being is the most important thing, so they should follow the doctor's orders and do what they suggest.

Contact the Police

Sometimes, the person has a torn rotator cuff or a dislocated shoulder. Although the pain might be bad, they may still be able to move.

If they're well enough to do so, victims can also contact the police while they're waiting for the ambulance.

Police officers will arrive at the scene and the person can tell them about what happened. Their report will be an essential document if the victim wants to file a shoulder injury claim, so they should get a copy of it when they can.

Take Pictures and Videos

Similarly to the previous step, if the person's shoulder injury allows them to move around, they should take pictures and videos of the scene of the accident.

People who want to get a car accident settlement need to prove that the other driver was being negligent and that their reckless and careless actions caused them to sustain injuries.

At the same time, they have to prove that had it not been for their negligent actions, they wouldn't have gotten hurt, or in this case, they wouldn't have sustained shoulder injuries.

The best evidence someone can present in a shoulder injury case is physical pictures, videos, and testimony of what happened. Therefore, they should take the opportunity while they're still at the scene and collect proof if they can.

Gather Information

Another way to support a shoulder injury case is by collecting other types of evidence, such as expert and witness testimony.

Victims will need to gather as much information as they can since winning car accident cases may be very challenging, especially if the other party's insurance company refuses to pay.

Something as common as a rotator cuff tear may cause the person to have to pay hundreds of dollars, and they might have to go to physical therapy to recover from the injury.

Medical reports, bills, pictures, and testimonies will help convince the judge that the other party was negligent and that victims are suffering because of it.

Hire a Lawyer

A crucial aspect of filing a car accident case is getting help from a specialized lawyer. They'll help shoulder injury victims file their claims and put a strong argument together to ensure they get the best results.

Unfortunately, shoulder injuries are some of the most common results of car accidents. In some cases, the negligent party did not only act recklessly but also engaged in illegal behavior, such as drinking.

Attorneys are ready to handle all types of cases, especially the ones at Schuerger Shunnarah. They can assess the situation and guide the person to take the best suggestions depending on their individual circumstances.

File a Claim

Once attorneys work with their victims and gather all the evidence they can, they'll file a claim, making sure they abide by the state's statute of limitations.

Lawyers know insurance companies will most likely try to settle to avoid going to court. However, they'll handle the situation carefully because they understand that in many cases, agents offer too little considering the pain and suffering victims go through.

Attorneys will conduct thorough research on the person's shoulder injury case, and they'll determine whether or not the amount of money the insurance company offers is fair.

If they believe it's not, they might recommend going to trial. Even though it sounds daunting, lawyers at Schuerger Shunnarah are ready to go to war for their clients, so they'll aggressively defend them if it's necessary.

Attend Medical Appointments

Lawyers will most likely recommend the person to not miss medical appointments for their shoulder injury. It's because of two reasons.

Firstly, when it comes to car accidents, the client's well-being comes first. Therefore, victims should focus on getting better while lawyers take care of all the legal aspects.

Furthermore, attending medical appointments will allow the person to get an expert report on their shoulder injury, its progress, and possible outlook. Attorneys will be able to use the information when putting together the case and trying to get a settlement.

Why Should People Take Legal Action?

No one should have to endure a shoulder injury because of someone else's reckless, careless, and negligent actions.

Shoulder pain might cause the person to not enjoy their daily activities anymore, which, in turn, will probably make them feel sad and disappointed. It's unfair, and lawyers know it, which is why they always encourage taking legal action.

Even though filing a claim sounds daunting for many people, the law protects the innocent. If the other party was negligent and victims can prove it, they'll likely receive compensation for their shoulder injury.

Should Victims Hire a Lawyer?

Victims should always hire a lawyer if they're filing a shoulder injury claim. There are numerous reasons for this, but here are some of the most important ones:

They Don't Have to Go Through Everything Alone

Firstly, victims have no reason to go through the legal process alone. Instead, they can have an expert by their side who will listen to them and give them professional advice depending on their specific circumstances.

Shoulder pain and injuries will inevitably change someone's life and daily routines, and that's stressful enough. People don't have to add anything else to their plates, and filing a claim can definitely be a hassle.

Attorneys will do everything they can to make sure the process is as smooth as possible. Even though they're not able to go back in time and change what happened, they can work for the victim's future to be as bright as it can be.

Lawyers Exist to Help

The role of the lawyer is to be a professional legal guide in times of challenges. Therefore, they have to listen to the victim when they're in trouble and provide them with the best advice pertaining to their case.

Whether the person harmed their shoulder blade or suffered a rotator cuff injury and now has to pay numerous medical bills, a lawyer can help them file a car accident claim and get the best compensation possible.

Can Victims Get a Settlement for a Shoulder Injury?

Victims who work with a Nashville vehicle accident attorney and are able to prove that someone else's negligent actions caused their shoulder injury can get a settlement.

However, not all victims win their cases. Therefore, hiring expert legal help is essential, and that's exactly what professionals at Schuerger Shunnarah offer.

What Is the Average Settlement Amount?

What Is the Average Settlement Amount?

The average settlement for shoulder injuries can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands. It depends on various factors, including the severity of the injury and the cost of the treatment. Schuerger Shunnarah can also advise on what the average settlement for soft tissue injury car accident is.

If the person just had a dislocated shoulder and will be better in a week or so, the settlement they could get will be much lower compared to someone who needs physical therapy for months.

The best way to get an idea of how much compensation someone could get for a shoulder injury is by asking an expert lawyer.

Attorneys have enough experience to guide people through the process, and they'll tell them, more or less, how much they might get if they win the case.

Although no one knows for sure, if victims want to have a rough idea of what their outlooks could be, they should talk to a lawyer.

Hiring Top-notch Legal Help

At Schuerger Shunnarah, lawyers are ready to go to war for their clients. They understand the person is suffering, so they'll offer the best advice, and if they need to, they'll aggressively defend them in court. People should never hesitate to call if they need help.


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