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What Can You Do to Avoid Blind Spot Accidents in TN? - Protect Yourself the Right Way

It's not uncommon to find semi trucks in Tennessee. The main difference between commercial and regular vehicles is their size, making them harder to drive around. A semi-truck, for example, has more blind spots than a car.

Drivers who get into a truck's blind spot are likelier to get into a car accident. Why are truck drivers likely to cause an accident if they are supposed to have a better view? Technically, these people have a better view, but since they have more blind spots, they will have a harder time avoiding other drivers who get too close.

The best way to prevent car accidents involving a truck is to keep a safe distance. Unfortunately, other circumstances can affect the truck driver's view (or any other related factor) and cause an accident. This guide shows all factors to consider when avoiding truck blind spots and what to do in case of an accident. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can also help with questions like, What can you do to avoid Underride Accidents in TN?

What Causes a Blind Spot Accident?

What Causes a Blind Spot Accident?

A blind spot is an area where the driver has little-to-no visibility. All vehicles have blind spots, but trucks tend to have more.

Blind spot accidents happen if the passenger vehicle driver gets into a truck's blind spot or if the truck driver doesn't pay attention to their surroundings. Not only is this type of accident dangerous, but it can also affect many drivers on the road at the same time.

Where Are a Driver's Blind Spots?

Knowing the vehicle's blind spot areas is an excellent way to avoid getting injured while driving. In the case of passenger cars, the blind spots are usually on the rear and the sides.

Most of the time, drivers can adjust their blind spot mirrors to get more visibility.

Trucks, on the other hand, have these blind spots:


Even though truck drivers should have a better front view because of the vehicle's high profile, they still have a blind spot that can extend about 20 feet. Passenger vehicles should avoid being close to the truck's front.


The rear blind spot can extend approximately 30 feet, which can be a problem if other vehicles are driving too close to the truck.

Right and Left Side

Side truck blind spots will vary depending on the vehicle's model. A blind spot sometimes covers a few layers of traffic and entire vehicles.

How do people avoid accidents here? The best thing to do is to keep a safe distance between the car and the truck.

How Can Drivers Avoid Blind Spot Accidents?

How Can Drivers Avoid Blind Spot Accidents?

Every truck driver must pay attention to oncoming traffic and move carefully, even if the other drivers are going in the same direction.

All truck drivers must follow the safety tips provided by their company, adjust their mirrors, and avoid driving under poor weather conditions.

Car drivers, on the other hand, have a few more options to avoid getting into a blind spot accident:

  • Avoid driving directly on a truck's side. The best approach here is to stay in front or back in another lane.

  • Don't drive right behind the truck. The driver won't be able to see the vehicle, so if they brake suddenly for any reason, the car could crash.

  • Avoid cutting in front of the truck. Considering trucks usually have a 20-foot blind spot from the front, they may not be able to see a car if they cut directly in front of them.

Another tip is to try to stay in sight of the truck's mirrors. If the driver can't see their vehicle in those mirrors, the truck driver won't see it either.

Additional Measures to Minimize Blind Spots in a Vehicle

There are a few preventive measures to minimize blind spots. It's impossible to get rid of them completely, but considering those tips could make accidents less likely to happen:

  • Adjust the mirrors correctly. As a rule of thumb, the rear-view mirror should frame the entire rear window. The side mirrors, on the other hand, should be set in a way that they don't reflect the car that much.

  • Add blind spot mirrors to the existing ones. These are circular-shaped items that can give the driver more visibility while driving.

Mirrors can move slightly from time to time, so every driver needs to inspect their blind spots before going on the road. Newer car models typically come with alerts that tell the driver if they're getting near another vehicle.

Drivers who don't have those alert systems should still slow down before merging or changing lanes. This will give them enough time to inspect their blind spots and avoid an accident.

How Can Truck Accident Attorneys Help Victims?

A truck accident can cause severe injuries to everyone involved. Even if the truck driver is the one less likely to sustain injuries, they're still exposed if the incident is too severe.

If a person gets into an accident and it wasn't their fault, they would benefit from getting in touch with a semi truck accident lawyer in Nashville. A personal injury attorney can gather enough evidence to build a solid case and get their client the compensation they deserve.

Truck accident injuries tend to leave hefty bills and damages for the victim, including medical expenses, lost wages, treatment costs, and of course, property damage.

Insurance companies will often try to offer a lower settlement to the victim to save some money. Victims may have to pay out-of-pocket expenses if they don't get a professional to fight for them.

Thankfully, the attorneys at Schuerger Shunnarah have the experience and resources necessary to fight insurance companies and at-fault parties, ensuring victims get the justice they deserve for such a devastating incident. They can also advise on what you can do to avoid truck tire blowouts in TN.

Even if a person makes a significant effort to avoid blind spot accidents, they're still exposed to negligent truck drivers and trucking companies. Those in need of legal help must schedule a free case evaluation from the experts at Schuerger Shunnarah to have a better chance of earning the money they need to move on with their lives.


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