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What Can You Do to Avoid Rollover Accidents in TN?

There are many different kinds of accidents that happen in Tennessee, but one of the worst kinds among them is rollover accidents. Only 3% of serious crashes will see rollovers happening, they are responsible for 30% of passenger deaths.

Thankfully, advances in technology mean that modern vehicles are less susceptible to rollover accidents, but this doesn't mean that they don't still happen. This is particularly true when factors such as overloading or using the roadway in an unintended fashion come into play.

Considering how terribly things can turn out when a vehicle rolls over, it's a good idea to do everything possible to avoid a rollover accident. Below are some useful insights in this regard.

Be Careful with Your Tires

Be Careful with Your Tires

The importance of having acceptable tires is often underrated as an accident prevention mechanism. When improper or worn tires come into play, the amount of control that can be exerted over the vehicle is less as is the likelihood of tire blowouts, which means that the potential to lose control and end up in a rollover accident is much higher.

Changing worn tires for anything that fits is also not good enough. Be careful with the alluring choice to start using performance tires and the increased lateral grip can mean rollovers when emergency maneuvering is needed.

Stay within Speed Limits

This goes without saying. The higher the speed of a vehicle, the harder it is to control, especially in situations where curving or cornering is needed. If a crash should happen, the amount of momentum the vehicle has to roll over or move in an unintended way is significantly reduced.

Bear in mind that statistically, about 40% of rollover accidents that are accompanied by fatalities were the product of excessive speeding.

Steer Carefully

Panic is sometimes enough to be the reason for some car accidents. This is one of the reasons that drivers need to be able to survey their surroundings and be able to respond to unfavorable changes without taking things too far.

Some people will grip the steering wheel too hard and take away some of the control they will need in a tight situation. In other cases, people will overcompensate when a close call happens.

For example, they may violently swerve, which then causes control of the vehicle to be lost and then they have a rollover accident on their hands.

The speed limit on highways is on the higher side of the fence, which makes this kind of phenomenon more likely to occur.

Stay Away from Overloading

Weight and stability have an inverse relationship where vehicles are concerned. The more a vehicle is loaded, the less stable it will be. SUVs and pickup trucks come to mind here. Considering they are already larger and heavier than smaller cars, their risk of rolling over is already higher.

Overloading them simply adds fuel to an unwanted fire. Manufacturers are clear with load ratings and drivers are always advised to stay within those parameters.

To maintain as much control as possible, the heaviest items being transported should always be as low to the floor and as close to the center of the vehicle as possible. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can also answer questions like what can you do to avoid Jackknife Accidents in TN?

Don't Ignore Safety Regulations

Thankfully, technology in vehicles has come a long way. It has seen manufacturers put specific design choices in place just to prevent vehicles from rolling over. If not, the build is at least meant to ensure greater safety of the occupants if a rollover crash should happen.

Though difficult in some cases, it's a good idea to try to ensure that older vehicles are meeting these new standards to prevent certain kinds of accidents such as rollovers. A truck accident lawyer in Nashville TN can keep you up to date on these standards.

Typical Injuries from a Rollover Crash

In Davidson County locations such as Nashville, certain injuries are likely to be seen from rollover, especially considering the way cars may either just tip over or end up rolling several times over. The serious injuries that occupants may face include:

  1. Fractures of the hand, arm, and leg from striking against the interior of the vehicle.

  2. Crushed limbs from situations where vehicles land on their sides. This can mean either permanent nerve damage or the need to amputate these limbs.

  3. Internal injuries are also a concern and may include internal bleeding or organ damage, especially when cars and other vehicles roll over several times.

  4. Windows and windshields can get shattered in certain scenarios, leading to lacerations and scarring. Of course, broken cheekbones or dental injuries may also be in the mix, meaning even further disfigurement to deal with.

  5. When a vehicle repeatedly rolls, contusions, whiplash, concussions, fractures, traumatic brain injuries and others along that line may occur. Of course, if the car should end up resting on its roof, a permanent disability could happen if the head and spinal cord end up taking damage.

  6. Death is, of course, also a possibility in these scenarios. Though seatbelts are the best option to prevent fatal injuries, not everyone may wear them. Such persons and others who experience failing restraints may get slammed against the vehicle's interior or glass. Alternatively, they may be flung from the vehicle. All these occurrences can lead to fatal injuries.

Who Is at Fault in Rollover Crashes?

Who Is at Fault in Rollover Crashes?

Who bears fault depends on how the crash occurs. In some cases, a vehicle is struck or strikes something, which causes the accident. In others, sudden movements in poorly weighted vehicles are to blame. The different parties who may be at fault include:

  • A reckless driver of a vehicle

  • Automakers that didn't do enough to reduce the risk of rollovers before releasing a vehicle

  • Tire manufacturers of defective tires

  • Auto shops that may not have fit or patched tires well

  • Municipal governments in cases where unsafe or bad road conditions are to blame

Remember That Nashville Car Accident Attorneys Are Here to Support You!

In many cases, a rollover accident is directly caused by the negligence of another party. Why should you suffer and have a compromised quality of life in such a scenario?

The passionate Nashville injury lawyers at Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys are ready to go to war for you against drivers, tire makers, vehicle manufacturers, or whoever else may be to blame.

Call today for a free consultation with a competent attorney!


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