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What Can You Do to Avoid Spilled Cargo Accidents in TN? | Advice from Truck Accident Lawyers

Trucks are still the preferred method for transporting goods around the country. They offer an efficient, flexible, and responsive mode of transportation. However, the reality is that these heavy motor vehicles present a number of risks for other motorists.

In fact, 13 percent of all traffic accidents that result in death are caused by trucks. One of the possible causes of trucking accidents in Tennessee is spilled cargo. When the goods being transported aren't properly secured, it can lead to serious injuries. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can let you know what you can do to avoid brake failure accidents in TN too.

Fortunately, there are steps that truck drivers can take to prevent accidents because of cargo spills.

Why Cargo Spills Are So Dangerous

Why Cargo Spills Are So Dangerous

Semi-trucks transport a wide range of items. Cargo may consist of furniture, food items, liquids, beverage boxes, animals, gasoline, vehicles, logs or timber, and even pre-constructed housing panels. Each type of cargo must be secured according to federal guidelines to ensure that they do not spill and endanger other motorists.

Airborne objects traveling at high speeds can cause serious injuries. The sheer force of the impact can also cause significant damage to cars and other vehicles on the roadway. Furthermore, these accidents often happen without much warning, so motorists don't have enough time to slow down, and a pile-up occurs.

In cases where hazardous materials are transported, there is an even greater risk of injury, as these substances can cause chemical burns and fires when spilled. This is why it is imperative that drivers and trucking companies follow the relevant regulations to ensure that they are not endangering the lives of others.

Understanding the Reasons for Spilled Truck Cargo

The truth is that truck accident cases are often complex, and there are many reasons for spilled cargo. This includes the following:

  • The goods not being loaded or secured properly

  • Overloading

  • Poor truck maintenance

  • Reckless or negligent driving

  • Driver fatigue

  • Speeding

  • Imbalanced cargo loads

  • Following another vehicle too closely

  • Defective roadways

What the Law Has to Say About Cargo Loading and Securing

Because the potential for fatalities and serious injuries is so high for these kinds of accidents, federal law requires that truck cargo be properly loaded and secured. In order to be compliant with the standards of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, cargo securement solutions must meet specific requirements.

If a trucking company fails to meet these standards and someone is harmed or killed because of spilled cargo, the trucking business may be held accountable for any damages.

Who Can Be Held Liable for Spilled Truck Cargo?

There are a number of parties that may be held liable for the injuries and property damage caused by spilled cargo. The truth is that determining liability may not be as straightforward as one might think, which is why it's always best to contact a reliable truck accident attorney for assistance. Here's an overview of some of the parties that may be responsible for a cargo spill:

The Truck Driver

In many cases, negligent driving causes cargo spills. If the truck driver was speeding, tailgating, or driving while distracted, he or she may be held liable for the resulting damages and injuries.

The Trucking Company

Suppose the trucking company failed to ensure that the vehicle was maintained properly. In that case, it may be considered the at-fault party.

Negligent Repair Shops

When inadequate repair work leads to a malfunction of the truck's components, the auto shop responsible could be held liable for the losses suffered.


On the other hand, if one of the truck's components was found to be the cause of the accident, victims may file a lawsuit against the manufacturer to obtain compensation.

Other Parties

Truck crashes are often complex, and in many cases, other parties can also contribute. Other drivers who were negligent can also be held liable. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can help answer other questions like Do you have to pay taxes on a personal injury settlement in Tennessee?

The truth is that assigning liability is not always simple. Oftentimes, there's more than one person responsible for the spilled truck cargo. This is why it's always important to call a trusted legal representative to help with determining liability.

Semi accident lawyers in Nashville will conduct a thorough investigation of the case and ensure that no stone is left unturned in the pursuit of justice.

How Can Trucking Companies and the Drivers of Commercial Vehicles Prevent Cargo Spills?

How Can Trucking Companies and the Drivers of Commercial Vehicles Prevent Cargo Spills?

Spilled cargo can cause nightmarish accident scenes. However, there are steps that truck drivers and others in the trucking industry can take to prevent these deadly accidents.

  • Ensure compliance with weight limit specifications. In many cases, cargo spills are caused by the overloading of tractor-trailers. By ensuring that the load does not exceed regulatory specifications, drivers and companies can prevent these accidents.

  • Secure cargo properly. As previously mentioned, federal law requires that all cargo be secured properly. It's important to follow the standards set for the type of cargo that is being transported.

  • Regular maintenance. By ensuring that all the components of the truck are in proper working order, truck crashes and spilled cargo accidents can be avoided.

  • Following strict safety protocols. When safety is at the forefront of operations, it can ensure that drivers are conscious of the risks involved. This is especially important for those transporting hazardous materials.

  • Planning routes. By planning routes to prevent encountering heavy traffic flow, commercial trucks can avoid creating a crash scene.

  • Proper training. By ensuring that all drivers and those who load and unload goods are well-trained, trucking companies can prevent spills, as their employees will have a good understanding of weight distribution, risk management, and more.

Truck Accident Victims Can Obtain Compensation for Their Losses

Spilled truck cargo can cause severe injuries and vehicle damage that can leave victims reeling. To ensure that the at-fault party is held responsible for causing the accident, victims can file a personal injury claim. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys fight aggressively for the rights of their clients to ensure that they receive the compensation they rightly deserve.

To schedule a free consultation with attorneys who will go to war for them, call today.


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