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Who Is at Fault in a Head-on Car Accident? TN Drivers

Head-on car accidents accounted for about 10 percent of all fatal crashes in 2020. The Insurance Information Institute claims that this type of crash caused roughly 3,631 deaths and countless injuries in that year alone.

Overall, a head-on collision is a serious type of accident. It's important to understand the common causes, injury types, and who's often considered at fault. Victims have the right to file a personal injury lawsuit, and Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can assist! They can also help with determining who is at fault in a side swipe car accident TN.

What's a Head-on Collision?

What's a Head-on Collision?

A head-on collision is considered a full-frontal car crash. Two vehicles strike each other from the front, usually when one crosses into oncoming traffic and in opposite directions. However, a head-on collision could also happen if a person drives directly into a stationary object, such as a road barrier or a telephone pole.

Two cars collide directly, so head-on collisions often produce significant force. The vehicle hoods might crumble to absorb the impact, but these accidents are considered the most dangerous of them all and happen all the time on roadways.

Common Causes for Head-on Car Accidents

Head-on collisions often happen when one car crosses into opposing lanes of traffic, striking a vehicle heading in the other direction. Likewise, drivers moving the wrong way on a one-way road can cause a head-on crash.

A motor vehicle accident occurs for many reasons, and head-on crashes can be caused by these situations:

  • Driving While Intoxicated - Overall, drunk driving or using drugs while driving can cause the motorist to veer in front of other cars and behave unsafely.

  • Distracted Driving - When drivers text and talk on the phone, they're not paying attention to the road. Therefore, they could cross lanes and strike an oncoming vehicle or stationary object head-on.

  • Passing Improperly - Sometimes, drivers pass illegally, whereby they cross a double yellow line. This could cause a head-on crash because other drivers are coming from the opposite direction.

  • Fatigued Driving - If a driver is tired, they might lose control of their vehicle, especially if they fall asleep or close their eyes momentarily.

  • Reckless Driving - Reckless drivers might lose control of the vehicle, which causes them to crash into stationary objects or opposing traffic.

  • Driver Confusion - If a driver is confused, they could enter a one-way highway or street while heading in the wrong direction. This could cause a head-on crash.

The situations listed above aren't the only causes of a head-on accident. Other reasons can include inadequate signage and poorly designed roads.

Common Injuries Victims Suffer from Head-on Motor Vehicle Accidents

Head-on accidents can lead to many serious injuries, such as:

  • Whiplash

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Broken bones

  • Traumatic brain injury

  • Other head injuries

  • Internal organ damage

  • Blunt force trauma

  • Back injuries

  • Chest injuries

  • Scarring

  • Burns

  • Facial deformities

Many times, the combined force of the two vehicles colliding will result in car accident victims experiencing serious injuries during the head-on crash.

Determining Fault in a Head-on Collision

In many cases, at least one driver involved in the crash is responsible for causing it. For example, a fatigued or drunk motorist might leave the lane and hit another car from the front.

Sometimes, head-on crashes are caused by those who designed the roads. They may have created a confusing roadway or had inadequate signage. Likewise, a vehicle manufacturer might be at fault if the defect caused the car accident. Determining fault isn't as easy as it seems in many situations.

It's crucial to determine who was at fault for the car accident because, many times, the at-fault driver is held liable for the loss.

Tennessee is an at-fault state, which means victims can sue the at-fault party responsible.

Overall, if a victim suffers serious injuries, they should document the accident scene as best they can and avoid speaking to the at-fault party's insurance company until they hire a Nashville accident lawyer to handle their car accident case.

Considerations When Multiple Drivers Are Deemed at Fault in a Head-on Tennessee Car Accident

Usually, one driver gets blamed for the head-on collision. However, both vehicle drivers could play a role in causing the incident. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can also give insight on who is at fault in a multi-car accident TN.

If the crash victim shares responsibility for the injuries, they can pursue a claim because Tennessee uses the modified comparative negligence system. However, if they are over 50 percent responsible, they cannot recover damages.

For example, the victim suffered $100,000 in damages, but they were 30 percent responsible for the crash. Therefore, they can recover $70,000 in a personal injury claim.

Another way to look at it is this: the victim can sue the other driver if they were 50 to 51 percent responsible.

Being Compensated for Head-on Collisions

Being Compensated for Head-on Collisions

After being involved in any Tennessee car accident, it's important to seek legal representation immediately. Victims might be entitled to compensation for their losses if another person was at fault for the incident and the losses were substantial because of the severity of the injuries.

It's possible to get compensation in an out-of-court settlement if the other person's insurance company will accept responsibility and provide fair compensation amounts. Alternatively, victims can go through the court system to receive compensation if they can't reach an agreement during the settlement process. Either way, it's wise to hire an attorney to help with negotiations.

Victims should be compensated for these things, whether they receive it through a court verdict or a settlement:

  • Medical bills

  • Emotional distress

  • Pain and suffering

  • Lost wages (if the crash caused the victim to miss work or will affect their ability to work in the future)

Why Hire an Experienced Car Accident Attorney

Since head-on collisions are complex, it's hard to determine fault. Overall, it's wise to work with an experienced personal injury lawyer. They will care about their clients and ensure that their best interests are at heart.

Those who have been involved in a head-on collision should request a free consultation from Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys. The lawyers here go to war for Nash.


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