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Who Is at Fault in a T-bone Car Accident? What to Know

Because of the comparative fault principle, multiple parties could share fault after a T-bone accident, also called a broadside collision. These people can include either driver, another driver who wasn't involved in the actual collision, or the vehicle manufacturer.

Regardless of how the T-bone car accident occurred, serious injuries could be at play. The evidence at the scene goes a long way in determining fault and responsibility. If possible, victims should document everything by taking pictures, collecting contact information and witness statements, and recording videos.

It's also wise to contact the best car accident lawyer in Nashville, such as the ones at Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys. These legal professionals go to war for Nash! Let's learn more about how they determine fault in a T-bone accident.

How Many T-bone Accidents Happen

How Many T-bone Accidents Happen

Typically, a T-bone accident occurs whenever the front end of one vehicle strikes another from the side. This forms a "T" shape at the impact point.

T-bone collisions, also called broadside accidents, often happen at intersections when a driver doesn't follow the traffic laws, such as stopping at a red light or stop sign or driving through an intersection when another vehicle is doing the same. Bad judgment calls for green lights can also lead to this accident type.

Overall, T-bones are the most dangerous car accidents, but they don't always happen at intersections. In fact, a T-bone car accident can occur on the interstate or highway if a driver loses control and skids sideways. Likewise, parking lots are sources of this type of incident. The driver might be backing out of the parking space, for example, and another car strikes the side.

What to Do After Getting into a T-bone Accident

After being injured in a T-bone accident, here are the steps to take:

  • Ensure Everyone's Safety - The victim should check themselves and anyone else involved for serious injuries. Call 911 if needed.

  • Move to a Safer Location - If the vehicles are drivable, they should be moved to a safe area to prevent more accidents.

  • Call the Police - Report the accident to the police and request medical assistance.

  • Exchange Information - Gather the drivers' contact information, getting license plate numbers, names, insurance policy details, and anything else possible.

  • Document the Scene - Gather evidence if it's safe to do so, such as videos and photos of the tire marks, vehicle damages, and more.

  • Seek Medical Attention - Victims should get medical treatment, even if they don't feel hurt. Sometimes, internal injuries don't show symptoms immediately.

  • Report the Accident to the Insurance Company - Tell the insurer about the crash as soon as possible but never admit fault.

Potentially Liable Parties in T-bone Accidents

Various scenarios can lead to a T-bone accident where more than one party is at fault. It's wise to speak with a personal injury lawyer to evaluate the incident and help determine liability for the T-bone crash. They can advise on who is at fault in a rear-end car accident TN.

Here are some of the parties the lawyer might consider:

The Drivers Involved

If one driver crossed an intersection with a green light, but another driver ran their red light and hit them from the side, the one at the bottom of that "T' assumes fault. The one who ran the light is liable. However, if the driver who was hit on the side ran the light and the other vehicle got the green light, the one at the top of that "T" shape is at fault (still the one who ran the light).

Depending on the accident circumstances, any of the drivers involved in a T-bone collision could share fault. The drivers may also argue about who had right of way at the time. Therefore, it's wise to obtain a lawyer to gather evidence to prove fault in a T-bone accident case.

Another Vehicle Driver

Sometimes, an at-fault driver in the accident will evade the collision. For example, one driver is making a left turn incorrectly in front of another oncoming car. This causes the driver to swerve around and avoid the car crash, but they strike another vehicle. The one who started that chain of events is responsible, even if the car didn't hit any others.

In scenarios like the one above, the driver who caused the accident scene must stay there, though they don't always do so. Victims can talk to witnesses and document everything after the incident to help the attorney determine the liable party who didn't stick around.

The Vehicle Manufacturer

If the vehicles involved in the car accident featured faulty components contributing to the crash, including a stuck accelerator or bad brakes, the manufacturer could share full or partial liability for injuries and losses.

Many states have product liability laws in place. Injury victims could hold those manufacturers responsible for damages their products caused. The attorney investigating the crash will focus on the condition of all vehicles involved when the accident occurred to determine if it was partly or fully the manufacturer's fault.

How an Attorney Proves Liability in a T-bone Accident

A car crash lawyer proves liability by using appropriate evidence that showcases the percentage of fault for each party during the accident. The most valuable evidence is found at the scene, but victims will also need to show their paycheck stubs to indicate lost wages, medical bills, and more.

Damages Caused by T-bone Accidents

Damages Caused by T-bone Accidents

Usually, a T-bone car accident will leave the victim with expenses to cover, especially if head injuries are involved. A lawyer can help them prove that those costs are related to the crash and can include:

  • Property damage

  • Medical bills

  • Rehabilitation

  • Lost wages

  • Pain and suffering

  • Future medical costs

Victims should keep documentation related to their injuries in a folder. When everything is together and organized, it's much easier to show the proof when needed.

Contact a Car Accident Law Firm

A personal injury lawyer can help victims protect their rights and recover compensation after being involved in a T-bone car accident. They will gather evidence to show that someone caused the wreck, pursuing that person and their insurance company.

T-bone accidents can lead to severe injuries, and victims shouldn't have to suffer the financial hardship alone. It's wise to schedule a free consultation with Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys after getting medical attention and starting the recovery process. Call or use the online form to get started!


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