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What Causes the Most Falls in Construction Sites? Top Five Reasons Every Worker Must Know

One of the major causes of serious injury on construction sites is falling, whether it is from a height or not. While a lot of personal fall arrest systems are in place, every construction worker must keep themselves and their colleagues safe at all times.

Knowing what causes the most falls on construction sites, sticking to safety protocols, and wearing the right safety equipment at all times is essential in preventing serious or fatal injuries.

However, accidents and construction worker fatalities are still very common. If a construction worker suffers serious injuries or loses their life on a job site, the law in Tennessee entitles them or their family members to receive fair compensation.

Victims of construction site accidents can visit the law offices of Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys in Tennessee and discuss the merits of their case during a free consultation. They can also answer questions like, "What are the fatal four construction accidents?"

What Is Considered a Fall on a Construction Site?

What Is Considered a Fall on a Construction Site?

A fall on a construction site is regarded as any action that causes the construction worker to lose their bodily support or balance, causing them to fall over. Falls occur almost anywhere on construction sites, including on walkways used daily by workers.

The severity of the injuries suffered by construction workers after a fall depends on whether the fall was from a height, and whether the worker had any safety gear on when they fell.

Falls can result in a wide range of serious injuries, such as:

  • Broken bones

  • Back and spinal cord injuries

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Internal organ damage

  • Ankle, wrist, and hip fractures

  • Concussion

The most serious of these injuries is a traumatic brain injury, which usually occurs when workers fall from height or in the absence of safety equipment, such as helmets.

Five Falling Hazards Construction Workers Are Exposed To

Workers on a construction site who suffer fall injuries usually do so due to the following reasons:

Unsafe Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a big part of the construction process and should only be done by experienced contractors. Many of the jobs handled in the construction industry require some form of scaffolding, which sometimes has to be in place for the duration of the project.

When working on scaffolds, workers need to ensure that they have adequate personal fall arrest systems in place.

Inadequate Fall Protection

Fall protection is one of the most important requirements for workers working at heights. These fall protection systems include harnesses, safety nets, and guardrails.

However, it is not enough to simply provide fall protection. The equipment must not be worn out and the workers must be trained on how to use it properly. Errors in the construction of scaffolding or guardrails can also make fall protection systems ineffective.

Improper Use of Ladders

A simple thing such as using a ladder properly should be easy for workers who have a lot of construction site experience. Sadly, that is not the case. A lot of construction site injuries are a result of workers not using ladders properly.

As a result, employers need to provide proper training to all construction workers who need to use ladders as part of their duties.

Unprotected Edges

It is normal on almost all construction sites to have unprotected edges, unguarded holes, or wall and floor openings. However, the safety of construction workers demands that these edges and wall openings be protected using nets, guardrails, or similar fall arrest systems.

Trips and Falls

Construction workers can also get injured by falling while walking on slippery surfaces, dark passages, or floors covered by tools and equipment. While these types of falls are not as serious as falling from a height, they can still result in injuries and should be avoided as much as possible.

How To Avoid Falls in the Construction Industry

The best thing for construction workers to do for themselves is to learn how best to prevent falls from happening in the first place. This is easy to do as long as they follow these simple steps:

  • Plan Ahead

Sitting down and discussing the job with all the team members who will be involved in the project is a great way to plan how to complete jobs safely and identify any potential hazards in time.

Lack of proper planning is one of the leading causes of construction site accidents. However, it is also one of the easiest to avoid.

  • Stick to Occupational Safety Procedures

Every job should come with safety procedures that all construction workers must learn. While on the job, it is important to stick to the protocols and avoid the temptation to cut corners because this will increase the risks associated with the job.

  • Use the Right Equipment

When it comes to falls, the right equipment means using proper harnesses that have been fully inspected for any defects. The construction workers must also know how to use the harnesses in the right way.

  • Provide Adequate Training

Untrained workers pose a great risk to themselves and other workers. Every construction company needs to invest in training its employees on the proper safety procedures required on the job site, especially if they are going to be working at heights.

On top of providing training, employees must also be encouraged to hold regular talks to discuss safety issues and refresh each other on the proper use of safety equipment.

Who Is Liable in Construction Accident Claims?

Who Is Liable in Construction Accident Claims?

When serious injuries or fatal falls occur on construction sites, the law in Tennessee requires that the at-fault party be identified and held accountable for their negligence. Injured workers need to hire good construction accident lawyers who will assist them to determine liability.

In most cases, the liable parties in construction accident claims are the owners of the building, the construction companies, or the equipment manufacturers. Contact Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys for more information on what the construction defect law in Tennessee is.

Fighting for Workers' Compensation Benefits? Call a Good Lawyer!

Seeking fair compensation after being injured in construction is not always an easy thing to do. Often, employers or their insurance companies will try to show that the worker is the one at fault for the accident.

In such cases, it pays to have a reliable, experienced, and compassionate attorney to fight for the rights of the victim. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys is one such law firm and is waiting to assist all victims of construction site accidents in Tennessee.


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