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What Is a Motorcycle High Side? Full Guide for Victims

A high-side motorcycle crash can cause a person to have major life-changing injuries. In this guide, victims will learn everything about different types of accidents, and they'll understand why getting legal help is crucial when they're in trouble.


A lowside crash happens when the bike ends up on the same side as the victim. It takes place when the front or rear wheel slides out.

Loside crashes often happen when there is too much braking into the corner, too much speed when the bike is turning, or too much acceleration.

It could happen because of changes in the surface, for example, dust or gravel on the road. A way to avoid a low-side motorcycle crash is to change gears and brake before getting to the corner.

Generally, low-side accidents are less damaging than high-side motorcycle crashes. It happens like this because in the second case, riders will most likely go up in the air in front of the bike.

Braking in a straight line will make it much less likely for someone to be in a lowside crash. In most cases, riders are in an accident when they continue braking as they start turning.

However, a lowside crash can happen in a straight line. It usually takes place either on a high-crowned road or on roads with enough camber to make locked wheels slide sideways.

Front Wheel

Front Wheel

In some cases, there is too much speed and the front wheel loses traction. It will typically turn inwards and the rider will tip over the motorcycle too much.

Generally, riders who lose traction will still be on the throttle even after the motorcycle accident. Overall, using slightly less speed and not trying to get such an intense angle could allow them to stay on the bike.

If riders are unable to control their bike in their motorcycle crash, they might sustain serious injuries. In front-wheel crashes, the motorbike will slide off the edge of the road.

There might be cases in which the rider is not at such high speed. Plus, maybe there wasn't anything solid for them to hit when the motorcycle crashed. If this happened, injuries may not be as bad.

However, in most motorcycle crashes, divers don't escape unscathed. It's why wearing the necessary gear and driving responsibly is imperative.

Rear Tire Crashes

In almost all cases, rear wheel lowside crashes are a result of too much acceleration. Drivers might, for example, apply the accelerator but lose grip in the rear and spin out. They may cause panel damage too.

Again, if the driver wears protective gear and is not driving at full speed, they might not sustain serious injuries. Nonetheless, this seldom happens.

Lowside crashes can also happen when riders drag the peg on the surface since it reduces the grip and lifts the bike. Sometimes, it affects the front wheel, while at other times, it'll make the rear tire slip. It depends on the motorcycle's center of gravity and the peg's location.

Risks When There Is a Lowside Crash

Both lowside and highside motorcycle crashes can cause the rider to sustain major injuries. However, their severity will depend on many factors, including the weather, whether or not the driver was wearing protective gear, and their speed.

Usually, when it comes to lowside crashes, the rear wheel breaks traction, and riders will slide behind the bike. If they're wearing protective gear, they might avoid gravel rash.

In addition, if the speeds are high, riders might accidentally slide into something immovable, for instance, a tree or a railing. The worst-case scenarios have drivers sliding into the path of oncoming traffic.

Furthermore, riders who don't want to wear full-face helmets are at more risk because they could sustain serious facial injuries. In most cases, lowside crashes will throw them onto the tarmac, which can be very harmful.

At the same time, as riders lose traction, they might bruise their elbow, hip, ankle, and knee on the side. If they accidentally trap their ankle under the bike, they might sustain more serious injuries, such as a fracture.


A highside crash is much more dangerous because it happens when the rear tire loses traction and then violently regains it.

Highside crashes can happen if the engine stops, the chain comes off, or the wheel locks up. Generally, they're much more perilous because riders will fly over the bike and hit its travel path.

If the rider hits something solid and stops, the motorcycle might hit them afterward and cause catastrophic injuries. Highside accidents are also more violent on the bike.

They commonly happen when riders try to over-correct their rear wheel sliding. The bike may suddenly grip and send drivers the opposite way.

Should Victims Get Legal Help If They're in a Highside Crash?

Regardless of the type of accident they're in, victims should always hire an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, especially if there are other people involved in the crash.

Low-side motorcycle accidents can completely change a person's life. A high-side one could be even worse, particularly if the bike went over the driver.

A motorcycle accident law firm will help clients gather evidence and file a claim if needed. Furthermore, they'll guide them through the legal process and defend them.

When clients have to deal with the insurance company, they can rely on a lawyer to take care of things for them.

Victims are probably already confused and in pain after being in a low-side or high-side crash. Therefore, the last thing they need is to worry about legal details.

A motorcycle accident lawyer will make sure they put together a strong case and help victims throughout the process, ensuring they'll get the best results possible. They can also answer questions like, "At what speed do most motorcycle deaths occur?"

What Victims Must Do When They're in an Accident

What Victims Must Do When They're in an Accident

Bike riders might have no idea of what to do when they're in a motorcycle accident. They can shock and paralyze the person to the point of being completely blank.

Therefore, knowing what to do is essential in case of an emergency. The consequences of both a low and a high-side motorcycle accident can be catastrophic, so victims should be prepared in case the worst happens.

Call the Police

First, they should call the police and report the accident, especially if there was someone else involved.

Officers will arrive at the scene of the motorcycle crash and make a report. Later on, it'll be convenient, especially when the victim tries to negotiate with the insurance company.

Contact Medical Assistance

Victims should immediately contact medical assistance, in other words, call 911, when they're in a motorcycle crash.

It doesn't matter if they don't feel any injuries. Sometimes, low-side motorcycle crashes will cause harm the victim can't notice until healthcare professionals assess them.

If victims don't want to suffer life-altering consequences of their lowside or highside crash, they should call an ambulance right away. They must wait until doctors and paramedics get there and follow their instructions.

Call a Lawyer

Victims of a high side or a low-side crash should call a lawyer as soon as possible. These legal experts will help them handle the situation and recommend the best options for their case.

Attorneys at Schuerger Shunnarah have a motto: "We go to war for you." Therefore, they're the ideal legal professionals to hire because victims won't have to go through the process alone.

Lawyers understand that victims are probably confused and in pain. They want to make sure that victims get the settlement they deserve, so they'll aggressively defend them and guarantee they get the best results possible. They can provide insight on who's at fault in rollover accidents.

Gather Evidence

Gathering evidence is crucial when someone is in a highside crash. In this stage, victims and lawyers will work together.

Attorneys might interview victims and ask them about what happened. Furthermore, they'll collect other types of information, such as pictures and videos.

Put Together a Case

Lawyers will help victims put together a low-side crash case. They'll explain everything about the legal process and make sure they include the best evidence.

Then, they'll guide victims to file a claim if possible. Sometimes, it's not necessary, and all they'll have to do is negotiate with the insurance company.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Happens When the Rear Tire Loses Traction?

Riders might be in an accident, and it could be catastrophic depending on different factors, such as the weather, the motorcycle's center of gravity, and more.

Are Highside Motorcycle Accidents Frequent?

They're not as frequent as low-side motorcycle accidents. However, they can be much more devastating.

Are People Injured If the Rear Wheel Loses Traction?

Usually, yes, even if they're wearing protective gear. Nonetheless, it can prevent them from suffering major injuries, which is why it's so essential.

Getting Legal Help

Attorneys at Schuerger Shunnarah are ready to help victims in need. They'll guide them through the legal process and make sure they make the most convenient decisions. If someone wants assistance, they should contact the firm today.


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