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At What Speed Do Most Motorcycle Deaths Occur? Find Out Here

The number of motorcycle-accident-related deaths in Tennessee is very concerning. Motorcyclists are at a very high risk of being involved in an accident every time they get onto the road.

The unfortunate part about all this is that many motorcycle accidents can be avoided if people obey the rules of the road and avoid careless or reckless driving. In most cases, fatal motorcycle accidents happen due to riders riding at very high speeds.

However, victims of motorcycle accidents are entitled to receive fair compensation for serious injuries and other damages they may have suffered. An experienced lawyer can help victims fight for their rights and make sure the liable party pays.

Most Motorcycle Accidents Occur Due To Riding at High Speed

Most Motorcycle Accidents Occur Due To Riding at High Speed

The relationship between motorcycle accidents and riding at high speeds is not so linear. This means it is not always right to assume that riding bikes at high speed causes motorcycle accidents to occur.

On one hand, more than a third of all fatal motor vehicle accidents involving a motorcyclist involved the rider traveling at very high speeds. This shows that not only is high speed a major contributor to motorcycle accidents but it also causes fatalities when motorcycle crashes occur. Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys can also answer questions like, "What time of day do most motorcycle accidents happen?"

However, on the other hand, the median pre-accident speed at which most motorcycle accidents happen is around 30 mph. This shocking statistic shows that even when obeying the traffic laws and riding slowly, most motorcycle accidents can still happen.

Also, about one in every 1,000 motorcycle crashes occurs at speeds of around 85 mph. This data suggests that while motorcyclists should maintain the speed limit and avoid speeding, it is also important to exercise due caution even when riding slowly.

Instead of asking "At what speed do most motorcycle deaths occur?," all road users, including car drivers, truckers, and bikers, should:

  • Obey traffic laws

  • Avoid speeding

  • Exercise caution

  • Pay attention

  • Be patient when they have to give the right of way

Other Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Besides regularly exceeding the average speed limit, other circumstances can easily lead to a motorcycle crash:

  • Failure to yield the right of way

  • Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • Distracted driving

  • Lane splitting

  • Changing lanes without looking

  • Following too closely

  • Driver error

  • Rider/driver fatigue

  • Poor road conditions

  • Inclement weather

Common Injuries Caused by a Motorcycle Accident

When motorcycle accidents happen, the injuries suffered by the riders can be very severe, especially in cases where the rider is not wearing proper safety equipment, such as a helmet.

The following are some of the common injuries a motorcycle rider can suffer:

  • Traumatic brain injuries

  • Broken bones

  • Road rash

  • Burns

  • Back and neck injuries

  • Spinal cord injuries

  • Soft tissue injuries

  • Nerve damage

  • Death

What To Do When Motorcycle Accidents Happen

While the law in Tennessee allows victims to seek damages for injuries sustained due to a motorcycle accident, the steps they take soon after the crash occurs are essential in determining the outcome of any motorcycle accident claim they may launch.

It is, therefore, important for motorcycle accident victims to do the following after a crash:

  • Seek medical attention immediately

  • Take pictures of the accident scene, damaged bike, and injuries

  • Speak to witnesses and obtain their contact information

  • Gather all evidence, including the reports from the doctor and the police officer who attended the accident

  • Approach an experienced personal injury attorney and request a free consultation

Who Is at Fault for Motorcycle Crashes?

Whenever a motorcycle accident happens, most people are quick to blame the motorcycle drivers for the accident. However, that is not always the case. Many motorcycle accidents have involved driver error or careless driving by car drivers.

Therefore, it is important for motorcycle accident attorneys to fight for the rights of motorcyclists who have been victims of deadly road accidents, and help determine who is at fault for the motorcycle accident.

When dealing with multi-vehicle motorcycle accidents, it is important to consider that other vehicles or parties may be at-fault besides the motorcyclists who were traveling above the median speed of most motorcycle accidents.

The following parties can all be held responsible for a motorcycle accident:

  • The driver of the other vehicle or their insurance company

  • Manufacturers of the motorcycles or other vehicles involved in the crash

  • The local municipality, in cases where poor road conditions are to blame

Can Speeding Motorcycle Riders Seek Compensation?

In cases where it is determined that riding a motorcycle at high speed was the major contributing factor in a motorcycle accident, it does not mean the motorcycle riders cannot seek compensation.

Due to the comparative fault laws in Tennessee, even speeding riders can recover compensation for injuries sustained in accidents involving drivers or other road users. This is because a good lawyer can show that high speed contributed less than 50% to the accident.

As such, other factors must be considered, in which case the motorcycle manufacturer or the other drivers must compensate the victims of the accident.

Damages Motorcycle Accident Victims Can Win

Damages Motorcycle Accident Victims Can Win

Motorcycle accidents can occur at any time, and when they do, the injuries and other damages can be catastrophic. Victims can seek compensation and may be awarded damages to cover the following:

  • Medical bills

  • Lost income

  • Property damage

  • Pain and suffering

  • Wrongful death

  • Permanent disability

  • Loss of consortium

  • Punitive damages

An Experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

It is wrong to assume that high speed is the major contributing factor to motorcycle crashes. An experienced lawyer can go to war for their client regardless of what speed they were driving at and prove that other motorists need to shoulder part of the blame. They can also provide insight on what motorcycle high side is.

In many states, comparative negligence laws mean that there is always a chance for motorcycle crash victims to receive compensation for their severe injuries or other losses.

Therefore, in Tennessee, victims looking for a reliable, experienced, and compassionate motorcycle accident attorney need look no further than Schuerger Shunnarah Trial Attorneys. With millions of dollars won for personal injury victims over the years, this is a law firm of lawyers ready to go to war for victims.


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